What’s on The Menu

Sal Happy Salads: For Happy and Healthy people, on-the go.

Sal Happy Salads are red rice based. Red rice has been lauded the more nutritious choice for carbs with a high vitamin and fiber content. Red rice also tends to reduce the “sleepiness effect” of lunches since it’s more complex to digest and be broken into sugars.

The Sal Happy signature chicken is a home recipe passed on from my grandma. It’s loved by my family and hopefully will be liked by you guys too :)

The Italian dressing we use was also specially selected for its low-fat content and gives the rice (if you wish to add it in) a refreshing and tangy flavor.

Sal Happy has been carefully tried and tested to best suit what SMU students like. Currently the favorite set is the Brown rice, sal happy chicken and egg mayo set. Try it if youre looking for something healthier! :)

Okay, that’s all for now. Here’s to happy, healthy meals!

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22 responses to “What’s on The Menu

  1. Hey babe,

    I love your salads- however, I don’t eat meat and have to avoid the chicken bits you put in the salad. Is it possible to order a vegetarian option from you? Say, with the chicken replaced by tofu?

    Do let me know, thank you!


  2. Hey samantha,

    Sure! a few people have asked me about vegetarian options actually. but because the demand for it is still a little iffy im not sure how much to make for each day, or what day to make them on! how bout i drop you an email with my mobile number and if you want one for the following day you can just text me ok :) easier that way!

  3. is the egg salad option really available daily? or is it on wednesdays and fridays they’re not available? that’s my favourite option and i want to know if it will be there every day

  4. Hi Benita yup it is! available daily at all three locations :)

  5. Love all your salads! :)
    Maybe you can intro new variety?
    So it will be a different salad everyday. Hehe.
    Keep up the good job.

  6. Hey Ros! thank you :) i wish i could too and am trying to but its tough on production side to make lots of variety! that’s why only wednesdays and fridays have the additional choice… maybe once i graduate and make this bigger i can help you out on this! :)

  7. Hey there,

    LOVE! LOVE your Chicken & Egg Mayo! i even let my grandma try. haha. she love it

  8. hi! i just tried your chicken & egg mayo this week and i loved it! :D but it’ll only be at glassroom from now isit? and only after 3.30pm? can it be earlier? i would love to have it for lunch :D

  9. Hi,
    Is there a number that we can call for Glassroom to check if they have stock for Salhappy, so that we wont have to walk over and be disappointed!

    • Hello! I’m so sorry about the trouble :/ it’s tough predicting the amount to make, last week there were so many left overs, then this week we’re suddenly selling out! So sorry! Bear with us please:/ anyway you can text me directly at 96972013 or the sal happy line at 922-HAPPY (922-42779) to ask:) I usually don’t stay til sell out time though so I’ll try to come up with a system that allows everybody to know what’s left and what’s out!

  10. Hi there I love your salads and I have it several times a week! I was just wondering if you could calculate the calorie count / nutritional content for the salads? It would be great for people who are trying to watch their weight!

    There are some free calculators available online. Here’s a few!

    Thanks & good luck with the business!

  11. Hi, i am looking forward to your branch at the admin building. I am vegetarian on most days and work out regularly at the sch gym during my lunch hour. I am usually time pressed to look for healthier food options. It will be great if i could pick up a veg salad on my way to the gym. You mentioned in your earlier replies that you may not always have a vegetarian option. I am veg on tues,thurs and fri and would love to have a salad at your place. Let me know if you can work something out for me. I will also let all my colleagues know as well. Thank you.

    • Hi Vanan! Thanks for your comment:) sure, I could definitely arrange for something for you! Let me confirm my menu and get back to you ASAP?:) my mobile number is 96972013, you can contact me directly regarding this too! Thanks Vanan!

  12. hi i am a muslim, would love to try. But is your ingredients halal and is there any alcohol content in it, maybe in the chicken recipe?

    • Hi jessabelle,

      We dont have any non halal ingredients so it should be fine. Our chicken is also halal:) however we don’t prepare with halal methods!

      Let me know if you have any other clarifications:)

  13. Honey roasted pumpkin was yummy. I had it for the first time today. Such a great alternative to greasy, salty food at Kopitiam! By the way, I found two small pebbles in the rice today. Could you try your best to separate them before cooking the rice? I’m afraid people could be choking on them. Thanks!

    • Hi prof! Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes I know we’ve heard about the stones and looked into the matter!! The trader has contacted the supplier to lodge a complaint already. Apparently the rice was affected by the flooding in Thailand. A new order has been made to replace the rice. SO sorry about this!! We will definitely look out for such things again in the future. And if you are free please drop by for a refund:)

  14. Hi! If I want a vegetarian option, should I just text? And could i just collect it at SOE? I love your salads, I just want my veg boyfriend to try some too! Could you tell me what the veg version of your salad would consist of?? Thanks so much!

    • Hi jans!

      Our veg option isn’t in yet, it’s coming soon! But why not you text me at 96972013 when you want one, and I’ll make one for you? Let me know a day or two in advance though so I can prepare for it?:)

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