About Sal Happy Salads

Sal Happy is something I decided to start up in the middle of second year university, mainly out of boredom and curiosity. It soon grew into something worth looking into, and I started getting more excited, staying up in bed at night just thinking about how I should do this and that, what I should say when I describe Sal Happy, how i could possibly expand… Sal Happy was for fun, and it was. But now that I’ve graduated I have decided to push back the idea of becoming corporate just yet…. Sal Happy is expanding!

Sal Happy is an FnB business start up that began by operating in student run cafes in SMU. In the past 2 years it catered solely to busy students who have back to back classes from morning to afternoon. These students rarely have time to have proper lunches in the short 15 minutes between class, so they either go hungry, or they eat cheese tofu and curry puffs during their mid class breaks. Sal Happy was designed to be a healthy alternative for these students.

The idea behind Sal Happy is, convenience :) at the very start we worked with a pre-order system where you would order online and pick it up from Pick and Bite, or from the SIS student cafe (which used to be Treehouse in 2009). After a while things changed a little, and we moved from doing pre-orders to a grab-and-go standard menu system.

Today, Sal Happy Salads is about to take its first step into the outside world. Sal Happy now hopes to be the next generation of fast food- Fast food that gives you the same speed, convenience and affordable prices as you friendly neighborhood KFC, but with the extra goodness of healthier ingredients.

The location of our first two Sal Happy flagship stores is at the School of Economics & SMU Administrative Building! As of today November the 28th, we are just three weeks old :) We are no longer working with the student run cafe, the lovely Glassroom Cafe.

Before I end, let me say a huge THANK YOU to my amazing and crazily supportive family, friends and loyal customers who have always been such an encouragement through the small days to the slightly bigger ones ahead. Thank you guys, I love you all, and heres to a new Sal Happy coming your way :)

If you have any enquiries, please please just drop my brother and I an email at

1) salhappysalads@gmail.com or personally at
2) jc.jocelyn@gmail.com//jc.josephchan@gmail.com.

Here’s to happy healthy lunches!! :)

Love lots,


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