Menu Board!

Hi all,

Here’s the photos of the food as promised. As a disclaimer i know the chicken looks like….. umm. well it could look better. it tastes better than it looks!!! we will need to retake these photos, but for now this is what we have. the photoshopping of the words were all done by the amazing jerald foo. else i would have done the usual photo editing on paint and powerpoint. we also tried to make it look fast food-ish (does it?) to bring across our concept of fast food 2.0- the same affordable prices, speed and consistent quality with the added benefit of health. um, we’re working on it!

To those visiting this space for the first time because you saw our ad/flyer jerald and I were giving out at raffles city, hello! :) thank you for coming! we hope you liked your samples :) please note that corporate deliveries are available for orders above 5 salads. it’s free and my brother, jerald and i will personally deliver to your office! its applicable for salads, but not soups because we don’t want the soups to get cold when we walk over :) the reason we are reaching out to you all now is because SMU has closed for the holidays and we are finally focusing on our outlet at the SMU administrative building (we have closed our outlet at the school of economics) and we would love for you to try us out! we promise you wont be disappointed! (if youre cool, hip, and like food young healthy SMU students do:)) do call our delivery line at 922-happy (922-42779) or email us for any questions!!

Here they are! (please ignore how the chicken looks!!!!)

Ok, here goes,


xo, joce.


2 responses to “Menu Board!

  1. I had a sample from you guys today at SMU! i must say, presentation not as pretty, but the food is really good! esp the chicken!!!

    i have intro to all my colleagues, n they all said the same! & i will be buying sal happy on Monday!

    by the way, all of us dunno wat is that yellow, oil look alike thing inside?

    • Hi bel that’s so great to hear thank you!!:)) glad you and your colleagues liked it! we will be looking forward to meeting you guys:) anyway the sauce is a low fat Italian dressing with 3 herbs mixed in:)

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