Whole New World

Hi my loves,

Finally have time to sit down and update this space. Things have been v v crazy for the past three months of getting Sal Happy up and running on a larger scale. I know it’s been said that starting an F&B business is not easy, but not easy is quite an understatement. its been stress stress stress and more stress. but, sal happy is managing, and we are trying, so do bear with us as we try to do better :) thank you again everyone for all the love and support. It really helps at the end of a long day to come home to nice texts and notes from people who appreciate and care :) esp when my friends do this despite my MIAing and neglecting everybody!!! I think i have turned down ze and jy’s dinner invites at least 10 times in the last 2 months already. i have also not seen my bestfriend in a month and a half, and my whatsapp has been collecting instant messages with non replies. this sometimes feels like death, but your encouragement and understanding helps me get through it guys. and my family of course, my brother (my new partner) has been so amazingly understanding despite my stressed out angsty moments. (never knew i could be such a terror). so, thank you i love you all!!!!

Anyhow, as for updates, come next wednesday, we will be closing our express outlet (the one at School of econs) and focusing our energy on our admin building store to churn out new recipes for both outlets :) we are currently experimenting with sushis, soups, and vegetarian options! So do look out for that! We’re v excited about the new menu :)) our menu boards are also slowly coming up thanks to my wonderful boyfriend Jerald foo who spent hours shooting photos of our food and rearranging each rice grain and piece of chicken, and then photoshopping the words and pricing in (thanks darl). We are also looking to start our corporate deliveries for corporate meetings, for order above 5 salads.

Will keep this place posted when I can with more details! In the meantime, look out for our next post with our new menu soon :)

Trying hard to make this work,



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