Calorie Post!


Someone requested for a calorie count of the recipes, so here they are! I must make a disclaimer that they arent 100% accurate. I tried to be as accurate as possible, but for somethings like how much salt exactly i add, or the exact grams of chicken and rice that goes into each salad, might be slightly off! so you can plus/minus a little here and there :) it should be roughly there though.

Sal Happy Signature


Honey Roasted Pumpkin

Super Soba

Hope it helps! :)



9 responses to “Calorie Post!


  2. WOW! where did u get this from!?

  3. Thanks!! This is awesome!!!

  4. So each box of happy sal salad is approximately 1 serving?

  5. I’m really wondering how is this a salad when there are hardly any greens!

    • Hi! It’s not a green salad, it’s the contemporary salads you’ll find in salad bars nowadays, pasta salads, potato salads, soba salads, egg salads type of line :) we’re meant to be a more substantial meal:)

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