Sal Happy is looking for cashiers! As our cashier, you will have flexible working hours to suit your schedules (work in between classes!) and be paid a base of $5.50 per hour, with incentives tied to the number of salads you sell a day. Hourly pay can go up to $8.00 per hour. You will be tasked to smile at all times, tend to the cashier for most other times, and clear tables sometimes. We are looking for happy and smiley people who work well in teams. If you think you’re suitable and you’re interested, please drop me a text at 9697 2013, or email us at salhappysalads@gmail.com.

Please help to tell your friends and ask your JC/poly brothers or sisters if they want to work while waiting for their unis to start!

Once again, here are the details:

Sal Happy Cashiers

Working hours: Flexible
Working dates: Tentatively to begin on 10th October, 2011. Up til the whole of next year. (dates are flexible for your schedule too)
Salary: $5.50 base per hour, up to $8.00/hour
Tasks: Tending to cashier, clearing tables, being awesome

Mobile: 9697 2013
Email: salhappysalads@gmail.com


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