A school delivery/ Salad stock updates on our fb page!

I am doing my third school delivery since school has started! And its just for one salad haha. my three deliveries so far have all been single orders! not that i mind just delivering one salad, but the orders dont justify me bringing in my nice delivery friends who agreed to help me at the start! i keep texting them to tell them “oops sorry no school deliveries tomorrow”. get salads at pick and bite everyone! its free delivery and nearer if youre at SOA/SOL/SOB :) its also good if you want to guarantee a salad and avoid stock outs and for avoiding the queue during rush hour:)

This is an awkward picture of me waiting so that this post has a picture

I felt v awkward taking it on photobooth because my back is facing SOA/SOL and people crossing over must be wondering why i am such a vainpot. this picture will have to do! it is my one and only one i will take before i start looking too strange. v conscious i know.

Anyway, today we have 85 salads ready for you! I’ve been ending at 930am since production has increased and started coming in earlier at 545. its been a mad rush in the kitchen every morning. today i dropped a pumpkin on my favorite white shirt and it has honey stains on it now. after that i stopped by the supermarket to pick up some missing supplies, then to my packaging supplier to pick up the sauce cups, and finally here to do this delivery. after this im visiting a friends house for his hari raya celebrations, and then paper work, and then sourcing for furniture, and then training! finally off to bed at 930pm. i still cant believe i sleep at 930pm now.

Okay i’m going back to glassroom now to check on sales and update the sal happy fb page about stock outs. oh yes, please check the fb page (Sal Happy Salads- Food/Grocer) for live updates on remaining salads for the day! will try to come back to school to update it by 1230pm daily.

Thanks guys :)



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