I foresee a very crazy period of my life coming up. I just got the notification that my lease is supposed to start in 3 WEEKS!!!!! I was under the impression all along that id be opening the stores in january next year. I wish i could share the details but its not confirmed until next week. Don’t want to say anything wrong. In short, things are v v v busy. Both in glassroom (sales have picked up so much!), delivery sales to offices, and all the meetings and arrangements that have to be done for my lease spaces.

Oh, besides that, yesterday I lost my dad’s car keys. he is going to be so mad. I got the car towed home. I’m not even normally allowed to use my dads car. but i had to send my brother to the airport so we took his car and then this is what i ended up with.

My dads coming back from mexico on saturday. not good. need to think of a story.

Ok! short post. heres a picture of our soba salad production this morning because I promised pictures!

Joce :)


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