Its the Weakend

Hi all

Had a very… sleepy weekend so far. on thursday i helped my sister’s mother-in-law take minutes for her monthly Lions club meeting (Lions club is a volunteer organization that does community service) and they had a huge spread of the most amazing food. unfortunately i must have eaten something wrong, because as I was driving home i started feeling weird. at first i thought it was due to the fact that i usually eat dinner nowadays at 530pm and sleep by 10pm (i am so abnormal i know) but when i woke up the next morning i decided it must have been something more because my head was spinning. Literally draggeddd my self up to Glassroom to prepare the salads and forced down some panadol. managed to get through the whole cooking processing feeling very fine, panadol is a miracle worker. but when i got home and knocked out from 9am. the next thing i knew it was 830pm!!! being unwell makes me sleep like no other. i went out for a bit for Yan Fens farewell and got home in time to sleep by midnight. I slept til 11am today (!!!). this was after my twelve hour “afternoon” nap. i amaze myself sometimes. i am a sleep champion.

Anyway, i was supposed to update you guys about the new worker. She came in on wednesday and was trained. very polite, soft spoken, nice. the funny thing is… is that she has a masters degree!!! shocker. i felt bad teaching her how to make egg salad. anyway, i decided i am getting used to this waking up at 445 in the morning thing, so i should be continuing this until the semester closes. i decided against hiring for now, i have actually begun to like this lifestyle and i dont think a masters student would be so inclined to wake up as early to prepare salads. haha anyway, waking up early makes my day a lot more fruitful. it feels like i can accomplish a lot more in the day. my typical day is…

Wake up at 445am
Reach glassroom by 545am
Finish by 830am
Reach home at nine am
Reply my emails by ten am
Finish up whatever coordination tasks by eleven am
Update my blog by twelve
Do research for the new stores…
And then… im free!!

Usually free from 1pm onwards to meet the boyfriend or friends, or just do my own thing. at 5pm ill have dinner, then at 730pm id go for a run. shower by 9pm, and then sleep. typical day by joce chan. i like typical. a sign of ageing.

I havent kept to my standard blog updates over the past two days though, sorry! i was bed ridden and in hibernation over the weekend. but i am once again salad strong.

Sales wise, things have really picked up:) emailers make such a vast difference. we have finally hit our 50 salads daily sales mark! it jumped from 30+ to 50 in a day after the mailer was sent. i came back one afternoon to just check on things and reserve a salad for a friend at 130pm, and we were sold out! so happy :) it was quite discouraging to have slow sales for the past 2 weeks. but things are picking up :) and, our soba salads have been increasing in popularity :) please try if you havent and give me feedback! :) i’ll see how i can make it better. thanks everyone for supporting sal happy!! :) its very encouraging to see your work pay off with increasing sales.

Alright then, quite a long post. i think i should end here. going to think of a system to let you all know about the salads availability at Glassroom now. someone asked how they could know earlier, so that they wouldnt have to travel down only to realize there were no more salads. great suggestion, any ideas anybody? let me know if you do!!

Okay thank you thank you all, will update again soon.

Have a goooood weekend ahead!

Much love,


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