Exciting times

Today was eventful. I didn’t go to Glassroom in the morning because they are closed for an the Night Festival tonight, but I viewed a shop space, looked at furniture with my mom from ikea, collected my delivery cooler bag packaging and my salad bowls! My sal happy pte ltd cheque book came too :) things are looking up. I’m getting busier! Busy is good.

Going home for a run now then it’s friendly poker tonight with the trackers. I hope my random late nights don’t mess up my sleep cycle. Yesterday I slept at 1am but woke up at 330am, then back to sleep. Woke up at my usual 430am, back to sleep. Woke up at 8am, back to sleep and finally up at 830. I am naturally waking up in the mornings! The sleep monster has been transformed!

Okay off to run one last errand with my mom and then I’m home. Will post pictures of all the stuff soon!

PS: I GOT THE SPACE!!!!!!:)))))))))

Joce, the happy camper


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