Thank God it’s overrrr!!! Just finished presenting to the leasing committee of SMU. I was stressing out over this presentation so bad for the past few days. Sorry for the lack of updates. Now that it’s over…. I am freeeEeEEeee. Kind of. For a few days. I just hope I will get the space… Please God please. I need to start sal happy fully. This lack of a full time job thing is starting to stress me out so much. I really hope i made the right decision to start this full time. I need to take a chill pill.

The presentation went well I think… My parents who are advisors to Sal Happy came along which helped a lot. Presentation wise it was quite smooth. The interviewers were all v friendly despite their high positions so that was good too. Today I presented to the leasing committee comprising of the dean of business school, associate dean of business school, president of finance and head of legal. Scary. But they were so nice and smiley. Yay.

There’s another prospect though… So I really have to pray and hope for the best. Please cross some fingers for me!

Alright, off to find some food. Starving. Update again soon!

Love lots,


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