445am Mornings

Last night I went with my boyfriend Jerald to get a watch for him. While he was choosing one, i found this!

I am usually impossible to wake up by normal alarms. ive had countless incidences when my mom told me she shook me but i cant remember feeling anything. It’s quite amazing how i have been managing to jump out of bed at 445am every morning for sal happy. with an iphone alarm too! thought i would get this in case one day my phone alarm fails to wake me up from my deep slumber. it is scary though, shocks you into alertness. there was another alarm clock that was termed the “fire alarm” by the shop because it really was as loud as a fire alarm. nearly got that, but then decided I wouldn’t want to wake my whole family up at 445 in the morning.

On another note, for those who have joined the Sal Happy fb page, thank you so much!!! :))) all your comments and messages and likes are v encouraging and make me smile :))) love you all! thank you thank you :) please help spread the word about sal happy in school to the new juniors and friends :)

Okay, going to head back to glassroom for a bit now and do some work. Got a presentation with LBU on tuesday! Crossing my fingers for that, its for a lease space. will keep you all updated :)

PS: I am giving a delivery discount to those on my fb page so check it out if you have time!:)

Love lots,


2 responses to “445am Mornings

  1. Hello, Ms Jocelyn Chan, I am Alina. I see the website from your design and it is really a free and happy area to us. I hope some day I can do my own business like you, I am a new staff of international trade, and you are my first order, maybe sth is wrong when I deal with the work, thank you for your support!

    • Hi Alina! Wow, you are so resourceful you managed to find my blog and delivery number. Thank you for such excellent service from China. Should I be needing any more bags, I will definitely order it from you! I will also recommend my friends. Have a great day ahead:)

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