(Click Delivery Order Instructions for a clearer, full size image)

Somebody order a delivery from me :(

My delivery people dont have anything to do!

For SMU students, we do deliveries to pick and bite from 1130am-1215pm, just in between your morning and afternoon classes :) Its to make things more convenient, such that you dont have to rush to Glassroom if youre at SOB/SOA/SOL or the library :)

Here’s some more information on the deliveries that might not be so clear on my Glassroom A4 poster.

– No delivery charges to pick and bite
– Orders must come in before 2359H the previous day
Send “Order-SMU” to 922-HAPPY to receive a delivery order form by SMS (Ps. i try to sleep at 930pm now to wake up at 445am so if you can send your orders in earlier i will be v v grateful. but if not thats fine too, ill work something around it:) )
– Alternatively, you can just send me your order directly to 922-HAPPY if you already know what you want. Just leave your salad order type, your name, and your preferred contact number.

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