Now a Pte. Ltd!

Sal Happy is now Sal Happy private limited! Came home to see this sitting on my table.

I thought id be forward looking and put in the Pte. Ltd. as part of my name when i was making my company chop, since i was thinking of changing it from a sole proprietorship to a private limited anyway. i did, and this is what came out of it.

Its the standard company chop, the type you use for verification when you sign invoices or make invoices, only that i forgot that when you switch to a private limited your registration number switches too. looks like i have to re do that one haha. i think this is one of those incidences people talk about when they say i should join a corporation first to learn how things work before messing it up myself. thankfully its just a little mess up! hope to not make other funny mistakes soon.

Prep wise, today was a lot faster, managed to finish everything up by 830am, before the Glassroom chefs came in :) did a personal delivery to ocbc at noon, and met another ocbc person to open corporate account with them. had lunch with the girl who helped me open an account and another friend, and my parking for an hour came up to $8.46. i stared at the price shown on the indicator in horror for some time.

Heading back to school now to check on sales and bring back my jacket. forgot to bring it back this morning. i keep forgetting things nowadays. yesterday i forgot to bring home a student card from jeralds (my boyfriend) place and he v sweetly brought it over for me despite being so tired. then this morning i realized i left my wallet there too haha had to head over to get it after the salad making. i guess some things dont change even when you grow up and start a business. still the same joce.

Okay heading off now ill update soon with more happenings! In the meantime I hope youre enjoying your salads and school/work :)

Ps: Got a new fb page! moved from a facebook group to a fb page because fb is archiving all theyre groups :) you can find us at “Sal Happy Salads”! its the one labeled “Food/Grocer” and not the other random one which i created by accident and cant find out how to delete now.

Thanks for reading! :) xo

Love lots


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