Hello New Semester!

Hello new semester,

Sal Happy is back! with lots of new changes and improvements that i hope you will feel/see. now that i’ve graduated, i have lots more time to spend on sal happy so i hope i can translate that into better stuff for you guys. for the new semester we have four options which you can check out on the menu page. I’ve also increased production so that there will be less sell outs and more salads available! then there are the orders of customized packaging, customized carriers, and sal happy deliveries bags for our deliveries to pick and bite and the offices nearby that are coming. unfortunately they are only arriving the middle of next week, so I’m still making use of my old packaging design. sorry about that :( please bear with me.

For those of you who are visiting this space for the first time, hullo! I hope you enjoyed your first sal happy salad with us :) sal happy is supposed to be a play on words for So Happy, but no one really gets that. I came up with the name half way through Marketing Research class, and it just kind of stuck.

Anyway, I should be taking more photos to show you guys what has been happening. The past few weeks before school reopened were Krazy with a capital K. I’ve been meaning to update, but you know how things get with blogs (thats an excuse). I am starting to see how it was worth it though, my first day today ran smoothly :) I woke up at five am today to reach glassroom at six. feeling quite proud of myself for that, but also a little sleepy about it. As soon as I finish this post i will hunt for my laptop charger and head back to glassroom to check on sales and glitches. Oh, i’ll be preparing the salads myself for a little over a week before our new chef comes in :)

Alright, wont make this post too long. I really hope this decision to do Sal Happy full time works out. feeling the pressure about all my friends working in big banks and law/accounting firms while i sell rice and tofu. but i figured i went to business school and got through it pretty ok, so maybe im equipped to at least make a small something out of what i like to do. crossing my fingers! Anyhow, enough talk here are some of the photos i took that day at glassroom! will be using some of them for marketing collateral :)

Slow roasted honey pumpkin

Red Rice salad base with Sal Happy Signature Chicken and Egg salad

Red rice salad base with Sal Happy Signature Chicken and Tofu

Preparing the long beans and tofu

Testing recipes! Didnt end up using the peppers though.

Before i end let me say please please feel free to contact me directly at 922-HAPPY (922-42779) (the new delivery line for sal happy but also for enquiries!) if you have any recommendations/questions/complaints. I would love to hear from you. dont worry, i promise i am friendly :)

Okay, happy start of the semester guys! And happy lunching! Have a sal happy day ahead :)



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