Halt here hungries

Hi guys

Bad news! I have to halt Sal Happy for a while, probably for the rest of the semester. There are some complications with licensing- most of which will take over a month- that i should settle before continuing.

Today (21st feb) is Sal Happy’s last day. If you guys happen to be in school and would like one they are available at Delight and Colours!

Hopefully by next semester… you can see me at raffles place :))) for that i will need lots of finger crossing! please cross some for me because i am the only final year student i know who has not been job hunting. a SMU student graduating without a job?? Gasp, unfathomable.

In the meantime i hope you all have a nice break week! Happy holidays! heres a random bye bye photo. Sal Happy hearts you <3

Love and bye for now,


4 responses to “Halt here hungries

  1. no more salhappy in smu???

    • I thought it would stop for the rest of the semester but I managed to work things out quickly!! Starting again in week nine:) this time only with glassroom.

      so sorry for the starts and stops…:/

  2. I just bought something from Delight that I thought was Salhappy, but it has some braised meat instead of the wonderful chicken! Feels a bit different. Is this the new Sal? *sobs* I want my chicken!

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