Chinese New Year means, goodies

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

I just spent the last two hours printing/cutting/packing/sticking and now… I’ve got little somethings for you! Please help yourselves to one at the cafes cashiers :) Red packets with some CNY love in it. I wish I could put chap chye in instead. That would be the ultimate love gift. Chap chye is like heaven sent from the aunts. But, i guess you guys will have to live with m&ms, gummies, lollipops, and timeouts. Hope you like them anyway!

Like my ang pow fan?

Don’t forget to read the note inside :) It’s easy to miss so i hope you dont!

Ok. Happy CNY again I hope it’s full of happiness and joy and nice reunions :) That’s it for now.

Love much,

Ps: i made ang pows for tomorrow (tuesday), wednesday, and next monday when school reopens :)

Pps: We won’t be open on thursday and friday for CNY!


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