Day one at Delight

First day at three locations was…. crazy.

Here’s my morning and mid afternoon:


1120am: Reach school
1125am: Deliver salads to Glassroom
1130am: Deliver salads to Colours and realize i brought the wrong ones
1135am: Go back to the car and change salads with the right ones
1140am: Run over to Delight
1141am: See that uncle jackson is sleeping, contemplate waking him up, end up waiting instead
1145am: Set up the poster while uncle jackson is still sleeping on the table
1150am: finally decide to wake him up, get the salads ready for sale


12noon: Reach back to the car with my mom waiting inside, send her to bible study (i know, i’m horrible, i made her wait for forty minutes)
1220am: Reach sunshine plaza for dim sum with qixian, ze and ash
130pm: Print and bind the delivery order booklet for Delight, collect fork/spoons/serviettes for Delight
2pm: Attempt to draw money from OCBC with my UOB card (they are linked). ATM says the withdrawal is successful but doesnt dispense me the cash
201pm: Go into OCBC and ask them for help but they cant and say i have to call UOB direct, sigh
215: Deliver forks/spoons to Delight, settle everything and call up UOB and settle that
230pm: Call chicken suppliers for a restock
245pm: Here, now, finaLLYLYYyyy updating and taking a break

What an eventful first half of the day. i need to get more groceries later. i think i have a headache now. thankfully i have a dinner with the trackers to look forward to. havent seen so many of them for so long since i’ve stopped going for training. can’t wait to see them all.

Ok. time to work on my comm. assignment and finish my social psych readings. i have… two and a half hours. efficiency mode, on!

Update again soon. happy wednesday-ing!


(ps. picture of the delivery order booklet i printed :) )


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