The Delight-Sal Happy Contract

Oh here’s a blurred image of the contract I drafted for Delight. I hope my pseudo law skills honed from a sem of business law will work adequately. Actually we didnt learn about drafting contracts. I think we didnt even learn much beyond offer and acceptance. But! I checked it with my comms class TA who is a final year law student and he said it looked alright though. So… umm, crossing my fingers. if I get sued against my ambiguous terms…that will be another sal happy story to tell. sal sad story to tell.

The image is blurry on purpose. used an app on my phone. It became a little too blurry after, but here it is anyway!

Can you make out the section 1, section 2 and all the 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.1.1,’s? it looks so intimidating. i feel proud of myself that i drafted an intimidating looking document.

Before i handed it to uncle jackson i told him in half chinese half english, “umm uncle, (hiding the papers from him) this is the contract… (show) DONT BE SCARED! its just a lot of words.”


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