Glassroom sales have picked up since we sent out our first mailer! thank you all lots for supporting!! Going to slowly increase quantities. Some small changes/details to note in the meantime:

1. Salads will be available throughout the day at Glassroom now (yay:))

2. Salads at Glassroom are purely for takeaways **

Do note point two! Glassroom has increased selling hours but would like me to emphasize the takeaway requirement. Taking away will ensure that we dont cannibalize each others products.


More success this morning! The Delight uncle (his name is Jackson) has approved the profit sharing model. just need to finalie some details in the contract and we’ll be good to go!!!

Sal happy will be at Delight from THIS WEDNESDAY, 26TH JANUARY 2011 onwards!

TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!! i am so excited and v happy can you tell

Okay that’s all for the updates. Have a nice Monday evening everybody! Thank you for the support again :) :* <3 x O.O



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