Just spoke to the uncle at Delight. I hope to be able to sell through them! that way the business/accountancy/law side of school can get salads easily instead of having to walk all the way to SIS.

Ive said this before i think but i really need to stop freaking out before i talk to people. i got out of the library today to rehearse my pitch for ten minutes. earlier today i consulted my prof for the proposal im preparing for Delight. the first thing he said to me was “you have to stop doing this shy singaporean chinese thing”. he says the face i give in class when i participate is like this <:|. apparently i always look very sad when im in thinking mode. do i? haha. participating in class is something i wish i could avoid though. it makes my heart pound so hard that i dont hear the next two minutes of class because im calming myself down. hahaha if any of you have been in classes with me im sure it doesnt seem that way. but it is. power of pretending.

I guess the lesson here is that if you want something bad enough you have to act against how you feel and do it anyway. in the end it always seems to work out anyway. get scared for nothing. usually smiling opens a lot of doors too.

Anyway, back to Delight. The uncle seemed nice. we spoke for about twenty minutes and he finally agreed to see my proposal. crossing my fingers!! cross some fingers for me too please!!! i hope to be able to get the sal happy name known in school before i do anything outside. got to up my game haha

Okay, update the next post with photos. have a good day in school!

Love lots,
Joce the fast heart beater


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