Today I attempted to print a poster for Glassroom. I got to sunshine plaza (go to color vizio they give v good rates) I gave the people my file and waited half an hour. There was no rain. I went into the store to collect my poster, came out, and it was pouring! Bad luck I have:(

Anyway the poster is slightly grainy because as usual my photoshop skills are not quite there so I had to use Paint. The image was blown up five times it’s original to A1 so it’s not that clear, but it will do :)

Going to put it up right after I am saved by zeling Goh the sweetheart. She heard I was stranded and despite my insistence to not come is driving over right now. I am however holding bubble tea for her and Ashley (the boyfriend) so maybe there’s incentive there. Haha just kidding. Ze if you’re reading this you really are the sweetest!

Ok time to look out for her bye bye



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