I have Alzheimers.

Today I had to walk back to the car to get my phone after reaching the library and realizing it wasn’t on me.

After getting my phone and almost sitting down to start work again, i realized i didn’t have my wallet.

Yesterday I forgot to bring my pencil case.

One thing i do remember though, is that my suppliers are coming today! its been three semesters and i’ve finally decided to go wholesale. if there’s one thing to learn from me its that you should not procrastinate haha. anyway, i’m looking forward to getting less funny stares and whispers (“That’s a lot of chicken….”, “Look mom shes buying so many eggs”) at the grocery store. i always feel so shy :( most of the time i resort to looking down at my trolley full of poultry.

I have two hours to kill before social psych. i’m going to go back to gym for the first time in a very long time. in my hurry this morning i grabbed the first tshirt in my closet. it was the 2010 nike run shirt that is luminous yellow. i will be the jogging highlighter. lets hope this gets me back into a proper exercise regime.

Anyway, ill take a picture of the stuff that comes today. i wonder if 40 chickens will fit into my freezer. Haha have a nice thursday everybody :)

Love lots,


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