Tofu Time!

Hi all

I owe an update for our latest launch: Sal Happy DINNERS.

I wanted to work with Glassroom Cafe for this new semester so I approached them during the holidays. At the end of our meetings we decided that Sal Happy would best fit in with Glassroom during dinner time. This raised the question of whether Sal Happy should be offering the same thing as what was offered at Colours, during lunch. Yan, one of the owners from Glassroom, quickly pointed out that brown/red rice might be two heavy for dinner. second, if people ate Sal Happy for lunch, chances are they wouldnt want to eat the same thing again for dinner. thus, the concept of tofu based salads was born.

I’m currently testing out the concept. This week salads sold at Glassroom Cafe are going at a special test price of $3.50. It’s a soft launch, to get feedback on how to improve. I’m have two main concerns though.

First, cold salads at dinner. i dont know if students will like that. do you guys like to have hot dinners? or does it not matter? or does health take precedence? Second, tofu based salads. since sal happy’s inception, the salads have always been centered around the brown rice base concept. the promise was “healthy, filling, and convenient salads” for people on the go. but if its for dinner, is “filling” what health/weight conscious people want?

That’s what led to the swap of brown/red rice for tofu. to make the salads low carb and less filling. I’m not sure if it holds appeal though… can you help me out please? :)

i created feedback forms for nice people to fill up for me! they are available at Glassroom and will be given out if you purchase a Sal Happy DINNER :)

Other than that, here are some mailers you guys can expect in the coming weeks.

Very excited about working with Glassroom. They are really nice to me.

Will keep this place posted more often now, since school has started and my life has routine again.

Update soon!



2 responses to “Tofu Time!

  1. How about trying to replace cold soba or just plain soba
    for yr dinner set? add a little garlic sauce to the soba to keep it
    a little oily so that they wont stick tgt.. a little olive oil on
    it could be great too..

    • Hello! thats a great idea. but i have a friend who just started selling soba and i dont really want to steal her customers away. shes just starting out, maybe you can try ordering from her! her soba meals are called The Right Curve and her name is cassandra :) you can find her on fb!

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