“Oh shit” x three

I had so many “oh shit”s this morning. To start the day, i woke up late to my dad’s “don’t you have school??”. then after getting ready in my usual record late-day timing and almost leaving, i couldn’t find my bag.

I spent ten minutes searching for it wondering how my bag could go missing. i checked upstairs and downstairs twice, went into every room including the toilet, and even looked under my bed. eventually i decided to check my car and found it in the boot. i dont know how i could not remember i’d left it in the car. anyway, after i found my bag i realized my car keys werent in my bag!!! by this time it was already 8.02 am (supposed to have left the house at seven thirty) so i panicked a little, ran back upstairs, searched my room again, and eventually found the keys on my computer table hidden behind my sister’s laptop.

What a frantic morning. got to class half an hour late after dropping off the salads at col ours at 8.18am. waking up late always does this “oh shit” and “PANIC!” thing to me. dislike waking up late. need to learn to stop snoozing my alarm.

Haha week six cannot-wake-up syndrome kicking in. two mid terms next week, then its off for diving!!! the smux divers said i could go for free since i didnt manage to go for the last trip. yay can’t wait to swim with colorful fish and lie on white sandy beaches.

Okay, short complaining post today. but i will update with a happier/more organized one soon. Hope everyone’s week six isn’t killing them and that you aren’t plagued with too many mid terms.

Bye bye for now friends. eat salad!

:O (eating face)



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