A Sal Happy Weekend

Thought i’d post a proper update on the weekend. technically “a sal happy weekend” isnt grammatically right because thatll amount to me saying “a so happy weekend” but nevermind, can’t think of another title right now. haha anyway

Today ze and i did the 10k safra bay run while ash and the other aquathlon members did their 21’s. ash’s timing was amazing as usual, he did a personal best of 1h23m! insane in the membrane. ze was there supporting him from five in the morning! i arrived at seven and we started our run at eight.

It was a good run. very scenic with the skyline and MBS. here’s a shot from after the run when all the performances going on. a whole group of construction workers ran together as a company. so cute they were participating so enthusiastically when the dj said “everybody raise your hands!” -all raise their hands

The run was good, but the real fun came after that when my friend trevor let me ride his motorcycle!!! we had finished our run when he saw some army boy carrying macs breakfast, swinging the bag of temptation in front of our faces. trevor developed a craving that couldnt be tamed. i wanted an egg mcmuffin too so we scooted down to kallang’s macs. we thought we were being v smart, that itd be less crowded at kallang than at raffles city. when we got there the queue was snaking. we waited in line for half an hour to get our breakfast. but after breakfast… i got to ride the bike down to ashs house!! and then from ashs house i got to ride to the flyer for lunch too! i love my trusting friends. haha place their lives and bikes in my hands.

Here’s a picture of me leaving for ash’s place

With the oversized helmet :) and the strap that i forgot to fasten as i drove down the expressway

After lunch I headed to the supermarket to get groceries for monday to wednesday

I bought seven kilograms of long beans, twenty five chickens, and six pumpkins, to mention a few. all the aunty’s like to stare into my trolley and then look up and stare at me. the grocers are really nice though, they always give me a special price because they’ve been seeing me lug long beans home for over a year. haha. nice association to have. joce the long bean girl

Yesterday was a busy/exciting day too. started off with me meeting D at the usual holland v coffee bean spot for a catch up/meeting. got back and picked up wulan to take her out for her birthday! i love wulan shes the best. she’s been with my family for five years and counting. she wanted to have jap for lunch, so i brought her to sushi tei. unfortunately it wasn’t very nice yesterday. we still had a fun time though. This is her being shy

And us :)

After that i went for a church barbeque and left the corn in for a little too long.

Oh and a weekend with koi! I used to think it was v average, but ze and i tried their koi cafe, which is their signature milk coffee. added jelly (for me yum) and pearls (for ze yum). nom nom

Yes so that was my weekend. busy but good. managed to squeeze in time for my readings too. i feel like school is slowly starting to fall into place. getting the hang of balancing everything. butttt having said that it’s late now though, i better scoot off to bed before i mess up my sleep cycle and everything becomes not so in place. before i end though, here’s a picture of the night my car broke down on me after i left the hazard lights on. with jerald and the AA man!

We look so wet because it was pouring :(

Okay off to sleep now. good night! see you all in school :)

Lots of love,


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