Your Ten Cents Worth?

I just placed an order for fifty dollars worth of ten cents. Next Wednesday I collect five hundred ten cent coins. I wonder if i’ll be able to lift the bag. the thought of the size of the bag reminds me of my first week’s vegetable order. for some reason i thought i’d need 10kg of red onions. when the delivery came all i could think was… “oh shit”.

A lot of fresh onions eventually went to waste

I wanted to mention that there is another exit to the mrt station from the concourse. i dont think a lot of people know about it because its hidden by that giant white wall that’s been put up. if you go behind the medical center you’ll find the exit there. you can follow the escalator up from the mrt and it takes you directly to the NTUC income center! good for rainy days. i discovered that this morning after being stranded for a little while.

Okay short post. back to my readings :)



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