First Week

First week for Sal Happy has come and gone and it has been tiring! lots of changes had to be made in the process but i guess it’s call part and parcel of actually executing your plans.

Sales have been great so far, thanks everybody! thanks for all the feedback and requests so that i know what works for you. i’ve been making the necessary tweaks here and there so hopefully next week will be better for everyone. remember to support col ours too, their food is really quite yum :)

I wonder if people know that we’re separate entities though. hmm, perhaps i should make it more obvious. i don’t have an official sal happy school email account though, CIT doesnt want to give it to me because they feel that one location should have one account. so for those who i personally emailed, if you like sal happy help me spread the word!! spread the love and the happyyyyyyyy (ness).

I have also been switching my classes around so much to cater to the salad deliveries that everything is messy. i went to my promotions management makeup class wednesday and practically sprinted from col ours to class (while attempting to not look so crazy) because i got held up. i got there at 1155am, five minutes before class started and asked the first girl i saw.

“Excuse me sorry, is this promo management?”

(It was btw, i was just making sure i wasnt in the wrong class)

“No, it’s not”

With 4 minutes left i had an “oh shit” moment and quickly moved out of the class to check OASIS again for the class location. but my wireless was down (!!!). so i rushed downstairs to my original class to check if it was there. it wasnt. to cut a long story short, i got to class late and out of breath. and at the same place i was at at the start. why did she tell me it wasn’t promo management?

This all happened because i didn’t bring my organizer to school that day. my neatness and efficiency is overly reliant on that book. its bad.

Besides that training has started to pick up. yesterday fir gave me a killer workout. by my fourth sprint my head was spinning. by the time i completed the workout i rolled off the track and laid there for fifteen minutes. havent felt like that in a while. felt good in a warped way.

Okay, organizer says i need to do my readings now. and place my order for sunday’s vegetable delivery. blog again soon!

Love lots,


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