Thought I better update since we’re reopening tomorrow and this space has been pretty much dead since school closed for summer. Anyway, hello to all those new to this space! This is the Sal Happy blog, meant for detailing this business start-up (if i can call it that) and keeping you all updated about sal happys operations. unfortunately im not a devote blogger and hence the lack of updates. but! i will try now that we’re back :)

I hope you guys will like the salads. Thanks to all those (again, i know. but i really mean it!) who have been supporting me so much. special thanks to mr roy chua from the office of student life! without his help i wouldve achieved so much less. I’m v glad SMU has people like roy running the show to ensure students are given as many opportunities as they want.

K, short post for now because i have to wake up early tomorrow (excited). Have a sal for lunch if you feel like a healthy meal! you can grab one from Col Ours Bistro in the concourse, basement of the school of infomation systems :) feel free to drop me an email at (screen name Jocelyn Chan Ming) or if there are any queries/comments/complaints/suggestions.

Okay THANKS (again) GUYS!



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