The cafe space

Hello all :)

Am sitting in Treehouse right now and the air con hasnt come on yet (only comes on at 11am). dying. very hot. haha. anyway, im here for my update about the screme space.

In short, i didnt get it. i heard all the other teams were fantastic so i was up to a good fight. am looking forward to eating all the yummies from them next year. thanks to everyone who has continued to encourage me! it was a disappointment but its not the end :) ill see how i can work around this…

Anyway, the presentation itself turned out to be quite fun. i was semi freaking out the hour before attempting to rehearse with jared and preparing the sals for food tasting. i got to the osl meeting room where i was to present and soon i was greeted by prof low aik meng (dean of students), mr roy chua (manager of sports and adventure), Ms Bernadette Toh (director of OSL), Mr Andrew Tam (Senior manager of sports and adventure) as well as Mr Alan Koh (assistant director of sports and adventure) and they were all very nice about the whole thing. im glad i got to meet them personally (im really not a teacher/principal/officer kind of girl. i try to avoid them. SMU profs are really nice so its gotten better. ironic how jareds mom is a principal, i know. anyway,) and to know that these are the people who guide SMUs student life, theyre the kind of folks who genuinely care for their students and have no airs about themselves. nice. so i presented, let them taste the sals and was done! yims jared and ash came down to support me (thanks guys! <3) too.

Overall the experience was a good one. despite not getting the space, it was good training. will take it as a learning experience :)

Oh no kk 1120 already. off to deliver the sals! then im going for a jap buffet with jared. sashimiiiii nyum nyum nyum :)))

Hokay. bye.



2 responses to “The cafe space

  1. Hi Joce,

    A bump in a road mustn’t stop you from growing your dreams alright?

    You know I’ll always support your awesome tasting healthy salads! I am glad that this was a great learning experience from you!

    Happy CNY!

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