Vote Ash for the face of SSU!

Hey guys,

The Sports awards night 2010 is this thursday! They will be giving out prizes like sportsman of the year, best new comer (cca), stuff like that.

There’s also the face of SSU award! which ashley liew of aquathlon (ex pres) is nominated for :) ash is a crazy sportsman whos completed many triathlons, marathons (he came in 3RD for standard chartered this year :OOO) and is going for ironman in at the end of the month. thats 3.5k of swimming, 120km bike ride, and a 42 marathon run after. madness.

In short, ash is crazily dedicated to his sport- triathlons. He’ll definitely be a great representative for SMU sports union. Vote ashley for the face of SSU!!!

Ash at a previous ironman

Ash with his hot girlfriend ze

Ash at this years standard chartered marathon

Ash in party mode

Vote here:)

Lots of surveys these past few days. thank you for your clicks!

K, off to bed :)



2 responses to “Vote Ash for the face of SSU!

  1. woo hoo thanks babe!! Ur the best!!! :D n whats with the hot gf.. ZZZ

  2. Hawt what like SZZZZZ

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