The OSL Presentation for Screme

The presentation to OSL for the Screme space is tomorrow. Scary!! :\ The slides are almost done… just need to rehearse now.

Ummm, if you have time, please help me with a short survey (only 6 questions!) its to put into the presentation tomorrow. Sorry, i know how surveys can be annoying to do!

Heres the link

Thankyou :)

Ive figured out a solution to my drinking water experiment. All i have to do is bring a larger bottle. i know it sounds duh-ish now but i didnt think it would make a huge difference. it does though! Im on my 3rd bottle of 500ml already and its only 4pm :D

Ill be getting a lot more water later anyway, going for a swim with yims at the admin building. I somehow managed to lose my swimming costume. i have no idea where it is. ohwell

Okay, back to my readings and presentation prep.

I hope i dont screw up tomorrow!



4 responses to “The OSL Presentation for Screme

  1. Hi Joce!!

    All the best for your presentation! I just discovered your new blog, but glad I did. I miss Salhappy’s roasted pumpkins, carrots & sweet potatoes!!

    I need to start drinking more water, great healthy tips you have on your blog! :) I love reading these sorta stuff… what a health freak I know!


    • Hiiii joyce!! dont worry im trying to be a health freak too. i successfully drank 2 litres yesterday and today so im quite pleased with myself :D i havent seen you around school lately! and yeah i moved from the blogspot one cos wordpress is alot more organized with the tags and categories :)

  2. I’m currently on exchange in the US now! :) No wonder you don’t see me in school purchasing your awesome salads! xx :p

  3. Ohhh okay. Hope youre having lots of fun! i feel like being on exchange too… everyones leaving me behind :( dont go too crazy with the shopping!

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