Drink more water, joce!

Over the christmas break i put on 2 and a half kg and now i’m trying pretty hard to go back to my pre-christmas state. So I googled “how to increase your metabolism” and found out that all the sites say “you need to drink a lot of water”.

All of them said I should “drink 8-10 glasses of water a day”. But how big should the glass be? how much exactly is 8-10 glasses of water? Turns out, 8 to 10 glasses translate to roughly 2 litres.

Sounds reasonable right? 2 liters?

To drink 2 liters of water, i need to drink slightly less than 6 bottles full of water.


I’ve been walking around with a water bottle throughout the day in school. Its a tiny 350ml one so its handy and i dont have to worry about the excess water weighing my bag down. drinking a 350ml bottle is fine, but to drink 6 is tough.

You guys should try. try to have 2 liters of daily pure water intake and see how far you get.

I drink a bottle in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, 1 when my 330pm class starts, and 1 during break. By the time its 7pm and class is over, i still need to finish 2 bottles!!!

Anyway, im improving. yesterday i managed to hit 5 bottles haha. the benefits are substantial though. My face looks alot brighter. i was having this dullness problem before when i was hardly drinking water. It also helps to keep me full for a long time, makes me feel alot healthier (your whole body system feels fresh) and it reduces the amount of sweet drinks i end up drinking. The though goal and commitment to hitting 6 bottles a day makes you only think about drinking water and nothing else haha.

Try it out guys!!! I think the benefits are worth it.

Lets see if it increases my metabolic rate and help me shed those 2 kg now.

Mmm, having an omelette made by todd (the treehouse chef) now. very yummy. need to drink extra water now hahaha.

K, time to prepare for my screme presentation on tuesday! Crossing my fingers!

Lots of <3,


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