New Sal Happy Delivery Boy!

Hello guys,

Say hi to your new delivery boy…. Jared!

He will be delivering your lunches on Tuesday’s, wednesday’s and thursdays, so look out for this smiley face.

Can you tell i forced him to take this photo. this is the

“Smile jared”




“Please :(”

SIGH and a forced “:D”


He sat in the wrong spot on his first day and everyone couldnt find him. Hahaha sorry about that for those who ordered that day! My instructions to him were bad. This time we have a sal happy sign that will be put up so you can look out for that too.

I finished my first CAT assignment yesterday and am feeling very relieved and happy now. I sat in the library from 2pm-9pm on sunday (so sad right 7 hours in the library on a sunday). got to the library at 2, fell asleep from my full lunch, woke up in a shock at 330, sighed for the next 5 and a half hours while looking at my excel worksheet, and still couldnt solve my “Dynamic chart” question. Thank gosh for helpful group mates or my eyes wouldve fallen out of my head.

Now, its off to start on my other projects. School is starting to pick up.

K, back to treehouse for jared and i. See you guys tomorrow if i do! :)

<3 lots,


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