Sal Happy saves the day


Eric just sent me the first draft of the photos! Sorry for the blurry images again, thats not his fault its mine due to my inability to use anything but paint when i added in the faces.

This is the first draft. we havent taken eric out of the reflection yet haha. Do you like them? :)



4 responses to “Sal Happy saves the day

  1. jocee! it’s cute!!! although i really need to tell u that ur blog font now is kinda small and hard to read! :(

  2. I dont know why its like that!!! :((

  3. hahaha i can’t believe u’re still lookbook2009!!! anyway how come u always dunno why!! did u change the html?!

  4. I dont think so??? I was typing a post then suddenly when i published it it became like this! Sigh. computer noob

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