Sal Happy’s Photoshoot

This morning we had a Sal Happy photoshoot. Eric Loh from SMU too tried my salads last sem and was generous and kind enough to volunteer his pro photo skillzzz. we had a lot of fun!

I left the house early because i wanted to get more raw food for the shoot. but when i got to the supermarket, i didnt have my stupid wallet!!! “oh shit” again, i know. for some strange reason it left my bag and found its way to my bedside table. sigh so we had to make do with the background of pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and lemons, which i dont even use in my salads anymore. but, its all good cos the lack of background kinda sparked more creativity for the shoot :)

I dont have the pictures yet, but when i get them ill be sure to post them up.

Thanks eric for all your help and time, sal happy and i really appreciate it!! :)



2 responses to “Sal Happy’s Photoshoot

  1. YAY

    luv the photoes. very cute.


  2. Yay thanks rachy:))) heres to D cupcakes and salhappy!

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