The Plan

Hello guys,

Some of you have been coming down to Treehouse to ask for salads. We’re so sorry but we have suspended our in-house dining for salads. The reason is that salads must be made fresh daily, and we really hate wasting the food. You shouldve seen our faces when we had to throw away so much food during the soft launch : ( That was my bad though, i over catered in my overly optimistic state about sales even though only friends knew about it!!

I guess its like that when you go through a sem of zero wastage and suddenly you have to see all your hard work go down the drain! (literally down the drain, or into the bin). I also attributed the good response last sem to the convenience of the Pick and Bite dropoff, so i figured we’ll try out preorders first and if consistent feedback is that coming to treehouse to eat is preferred, then we’ll rethink our system.

But in any case, pastas, sandwiches and the other items on the menu by Treehouse are still available though: )

What I will be doing is putting up a pre-order book in Treehouse soon though, that way if you guys come down looking for salads, you can always opt to preorder on the spot for the next day or weeks : )

Thanks all! if you like the salads, help me spread the word!! Hope they make you SAL happy!

Full instructions on how to order can be found on the ABOUT tab you see at the top of the blog. Orrr you could just click this.



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