Im sitting at Treehouse now typing this out. Treehouse just opened! come visit me im bored and lonely.

Ive not had the car for the past week cos my parents are on a seminar and my sister decided to drive to work this week. I realized that there are a lot of things i take for granted. like having the car around most of the time. having a great dad who’s willing to send me to school when i have large deliveries… you get complacent when it becomes a routine. you dont know what youve got until its gone. how true.

Today i forgot to bring both my wallet and phone. sigh. but ill be on email so if its anything important just mail me. i reached school and searched my bag for my wallet to pay for the cab, and realized i didnt have my wallet. so i wanted to call a friend to borrow cash. then i realized i didnt have my phone. sighhhhh. the uncle wanted to bring me back home to get my wallet and pay him. in the end i borrowed cash from a girl working at treehouse. phew.

Monday’s the official launch. pretty stoked. gonna be getting some of my friends to walk around school giving out free samples and discount coupons. look out for that! each coupon will entitle you to $0.50 off! limited to one coupon per salad or snack from Sal Happy:)

Okay need to take the broccoli out of the fridge now haha. see you all later.



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