Mid day madness

Today was a crazy day.

To start off, i had CAT. for those who dont know what CAT is, its a module which ive been dreading and avoiding for the past 3 years ive been in school haha. its an excel based course. anyway, so i started off with CAT and paid intense attention all the way until 1140 where i accidentally zoned out and was left clueless on how to use the Solver function.

After that i headed to plaza sing in attempt to find my whole-grain mustard in a place other than the cold storage which is costing nightmare. went to carrefour but they didnt supply it. sigh so i headed back to school.

I met ze who came down from her internship to have lunch with me (<3) and later brooded over the fact that i didn't have the car today and had 203981203 places to go and another 230912720 things to carry. for impact i will put in a list the events that followed

1. went to the library to design my menu
2. had complications with the printer, waited in line, sorted it out
3. printed/laminated/mounted the menus
4. stop over at taka to go to the cold storage- bought my whole-grain mustard
5. bus-ed home
6. designed and printed more stuff for decorations, cut them out
7. miraculously got hold of the opportunity to use my dads car
8. waited anxiously for my dad to come home with the car
9. took the car, rushed off to finish groceries
10. rushed back to eat a 5 minute dinner
11. rushed to training on a full stomach
12. had training
13. went for supper
14. got home continued cutting my printouts
15. took down orders
16. prepared the stuff for tomorrow
17. talked to jared
18. blogged this entry

I am pooped. please come down tomorrow and support me!!!

Crossing my fingers that tomorrow will go smoothly. hope you guys will like the menu though, its nothing fancy but i thought it looked pretty presentable :) K, gonna sleep a good sleep now. goodnight!



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