Sunday is the new family night

As part of my family’s new years resolution, we’ve decided to make sunday the official family night. Tonight was the first. we went to vivo and it was actually really fun. After dinner and jokes about my brother being cute but not so cute with his wardrobe, we went on a shopping spree!

We threw a lot of stuff at my brother, forced him to try it on, and then looked with big eyes and cute smiles at my soft hearted dad who relented and paid for it. we moved on to shop for my sister and i, into the stores excitedly and out with a few tops, happy and content. then we moved on to my parents, into the supermarket excitedly and out with carrots and detergent happy and content. hahaha.

My sister and i have decided that despite all our quirks (my mom’s hand and her video camera are one; my dad is always waking me up by blowing this long horn thats supposed to be a musical instrument, my brother grows cucumbers on our balcony, etc), we’re still a pretty functional family that love each other a lot. tonight was nice.

Besides the night, the earlier half of the day was spent at church and then a track meeting, then with jared trying out new recipes! i kept reminding myself to take photos, but i forgot. sorry :(

They came out yummily though!

We now have a pretty yummy…

1. Salmon pasta salad with black olives and lemon
Tuna pasta salad with wholegrain mustard, honey, and lemon (this was the sauce that originally came with your salads and everyone liked)
2. Broccoli salad with red onions, apple cider vinegar, honey and bacon bits

I’m considering swapping the salmon for tuna because the salmon is really pretty pricey…. but jared and i decided that the salmon is good for now. we tried the pasta with dory, tuna and salmon. the dory was weird, the tuna was pretty good, but it tasted very canned. the salmon was the best but a whole fillet could only make about 3 portions of salad. still have to sort that one out. don’t expect too much yet okay :\

I shouldve started all this earlier. i knew i had all this stuff to do but i only started rushing out all my emailers, posters, stickers, and recipes hehe. tomorrow im going to print the Munchies stickers and send out the order emails. cant wait to be busy get back in the routine of things!!! >:) hello, im a nurtured smu student :)

Anyway yay i cant wait for wednesday’s soft launch. come to Treehouse on lunch on wednesday if you can to try out our new flavors! i would really appreciate your feedback so i can change it accordingly.

K, off to bed for me then. Hope you all have a nice first day at school tomorrow! : )

Lots of <3,


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