Rachel’s 21st

Decided to use rachels own photos for this post. mine are sucky and taken with a phone cam. anyway as i was saying.. rachels 21st was super duper trooperly awesomee. it felt like those parties mtv showcases for their super sweet 16 series. thanks rach for letting us be a part of it and celebrate your belated birthday with you!! :)

It was a gangster and flapper party, themed to be in the 1920s. it was really cool cos everyone actually dressed up for it! i was worried my feathery headpiece would be overkill, but in the end it was nothing compared to all the feather boas, lace, netting and veils!

Here are some pictures :)

Being girls, we whipped out our cameras as soon as we got to her place. this is kim and li at rachels amazing/crazy house

The first thing we noticed after taking that picture

A rachel cardboard cut out! so funny you could sign on it

Jared and nick decided to pose by it later in the night

Not quite as sexy though

After awhile her guests all arrived, it was a big party. i think there were 10 tables!


She got Ice Cream Chef, a popular ice creamery (are they called creameries of just ice cream shops, nvm) to come down! Equipped with cold plates and toppings to mash in

The ice cream was yummy :) there was a chocolate section too with the fondue machine :))

Prata man and his pratas

The nonya laksa station

The meats

There was a super cute sushi chef inside but i was too busy being wowed to remember to take his picture. he was really cute and decked out in his sushi chef uniform and hat

Heres kim li and jared helping themselves to the yumyums!!

Oh i realized i havent put up a picture of rachel yet, this is rach! With her really cool ice carving.

Shes a lucky girl.


Here’s rach with kim li and i.

Once the people started coming in we got 1000 dollars worth of gangster currency. This is a picture of her family with some of the bills. the little girl holding alot of bills is her cousin. shes so cute. shes primary 4 but is the size of a 5 year old.

And this is some of us playing blackjack

I realized i should stay clear of the IRs at all costs when they open. at the party i won $200 on the first round. so i got excited and bet $300 for the next round. i won!!!


I upped it to $400 for the next round. i won again!!! so i got even more excited!!! so i bet $500!!!!


I lost.

Determined to get my lost $500 back and confident i was a lucky girl too, i bet another $500. and lost it. anyway, i was pissed off so i put all in!!!!!

I lost that too.

After that i went on to borrow money from jared li and kim and won back $300 on debt. hehe. so technically i only lost $700 from my $1000! not too bad. perhaps i can go check out the IRs, once. maybe if im lucky, twice.


The night continued with games, and clues under the tables

These are the “maffias” doing their forfeits haha


Very funny.

I cant remember if this happened before or after the games, but rachel made a second entrance half way through the dinner (very wedding dinner-ish)! on bodyguards shoulders (not very wedding dinner-ish)! nick was a last minute body guard who went to the toyshop to buy his $30 toy gun to look the part. what a sport.


Rach changed into a pretty black dress which li and i kept staring at

So nice and shiny with her sister sheryl

Rach and us at our table!

My pretty girlfriends :)

See, this is nick looking proud with his gun. he had a shotgun too, but i think li stole it and was somewhere else using it as a prop

Heres our table with the birthday girl

And this is her birthday cake, lovingly made by her mom :)

Im not quite sure how to fit this picture into this post, but i wanted to post it anyway cos i think its a very pretty shot. this is rachel and her boyfriend james! i love the way the rose looks like its part of rachs hair piece :) it would be more romantic if the raisin rice morphed into a garden of roses, but its sweet all the same.


Sweet right! The lighting was perfect.

All in all, the night was infamously awesome :) it was great catching up with old friends who i havent seen since secondary school!! i even bumped into my primary school friend who moved to australia. i hadnt seen her since we left in primary 6.

Its true what they say about sc girls. no matter how long its been, when an sc girl meets an sc girl, theres somehow just so much to say. oh and yes, the room will definitely get noisier. lots of screaming, squealing and laughs.

Happy (belated) 21st again rach!!! hope you liked the flowers, card and gift :)

Thats all for this post. i wont say im going to update again soon in case i dont. i realized i have a tendency to say ill update and forget to after that.

Tomorrow will bring another christmas party to attend. christmas is such a happy and fun time. finished 3/4 of my christmas shopping today too and cant wait to give them away! K, off to write my christmas cards now! til then, goodnight! :)



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