Her super sweeeeet 21st

Hi all :)

The past few days have been packed with lotsa christmas and birthday parties. Last night was rachel’s gangster and flapper 21st, and it was AWESOME. coolest 21st party ive been to this year. she put in a lot of effort and time into it and i must say, it was a smash:)

Will update about it later tonight, got to rush for my flea market at st james now! Visit me, ze and jieying at… um.. ok youll have to find us if you want to visit us i dont know where we’re located hahahah. but ya, come down if youre free!! fleas are always fun :)

Will leave you with a few pictures from last night for now to give you an idea of how cool it was!

Rachel currency for blackjack gambling, ice 21 carving, body guards and spotlight. still gotta update about the sushi chefs, ice cream cold plates and prata mans. very nice.

K gotta run!



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