Mushroom soup

Today jared and i only got round to trying our mushroom soup recipe cos the cold storage at serangoon gardens didnt have pumpkin. we’ve decided that “speciality” in the cold storage speciality branches just means less stock and higher prices. the same romaine lettuce i would get at my suppliers would cost almost half of what i would pay at cold storage speciality. and they would have pumpkin.

Anyhow, jared and i decoded the recipe for super mushroom soup! we found out that lemon is the secret ingredient that gives the soup that extra punch:) so next time you guys are trying mushroom soup, try lemon! thyme is great for the nice herby after taste too :)

This is thyme with bay leaves, in case you were wondering what kind of packaging it came in!

This is the mushrooms after post blend. They werent supposed to turn out like that.

We took the mushrooms out of the blender and chopped them up instead. alot more controllable haha

Whilst all that was happening, jareds puppy schnapps was looking on curiously

Jared the chef hard at work as the designated mushroom chopper

In goes the onions, mushrooms

Add cream

Some stirring
(This doesnt look healthy at all i know, its not)

Add some pepper and get caught in the act

And what do you get?

A satisfied jared!

We were really quite satisfied, our modified recipe turned out superbly -kisses finger tips. it was the best mushroom soup ive tasted yet (although i might be biased but it was gooooooood).


Yummy, but…


Haha. it cost us $21 to make soup for 2. and, we cut down the cream by half and replaced some with milk, but it was still a whole 200ml of whipping cream. you could practically feel the yummy sin as you ate it. Im still trying to think of something to replace the cream and milk. any ideas anyone?

Hmm tomorrow i might try to tweak the recipe again. if i have time that is. as for tonight ill just ponder on what else i can use…

K then, gonna meet kim and li for a girly night of catch ups over some dessert. decembers and christmas time is always nice cos the best friends come back from all over the world :) hokay, off to buy dessert then! night!

Lotsa <3,


2 responses to “Mushroom soup

  1. Dear Jocelyn,

    Unfortunately, the term Salad Tosser may imply other things.

    You may want to choose a different sign-off.

    A Well Wisher

  2. Amagawd. hahaha ok noted thanks, it’ll be love just joce from on.

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