New blog

Hi all,

I’ve been meaning to move to wordpress for quite some time now but have been too busy with school to do so. Now that it’s the holidays, i just finished moving and redecorating this wordpress :) decided to move cos wordpress is better with their organization.

See the categories and tag cloud below? For each post, ill be labeling it under the relevant categories and tagging them as well. the more frequent the tag, the bigger the tag word in the tag section.

Just thought itd be neater. haha

Dont mind me if i get anal about things like these I just get quite excited when i think about salhappy hahaha.

I want this blog to serve as a tracker to my first real business startup haha:) where it tracks from day 1 the stuff i did to test the recipes, test the responses.. how i felt when i launched or came up with new ideas… I kinda want it to be a place young people like me can go to for inspiration and find out the process of starting up something on their own.

So… thats what the “Lessons learnt” tag is for. although i realized i dont have many posts with that tag in it. haha. as i was re-categorizing and tagging my posts i realized most of the posts fell under my personal life than the business bit. oops. wasnt meant to be that way. but nevermind, im loving life right now so i might as well brag about it right?:)

I think i’ve reached a point in my life where i know who i am, where i want to go, and what i want. im not just talking about salhappy. Salhappy is just a fun thing im trying out. if it works out, it works out. if it doesnt, its really okay too. just like what happened with TFF (see here). I think that its through random things like these that we try out and fail or succeed that we really get one step closer to discovering what we want in life.

I used to be crazily worried about what i would be doing when i graduated. some of you would know that i jumped from wanting to be in fashion, to interior design, to law (ha ha joce) to marketing to entrepreneurship… the list goes on. but then i realized that i didnt have to be so worried, i just needed to keep trying new things out.

The best advice for uni anyone ever gave me was my sister, who told me to make the most out of my uni experience- to try everything possible thing out, to keep myself involved, to do well in my work, but in my play too. at that time it sounded obvious, but if she hadnt explicitly told me to i dont know if things wouldve turned out differently. (thanks jie)

If i hadnt decided to jump into a random trip to bangkok/vietnam in year 1s summer i never wouldve met D and got into going TFF

Neither would i have met jieying, who is one of those people you cant imagine to be truer or nicer. or del and jason, or qi and george

If i hadnt joined TFF and done marketing, i probably wouldve ended up majoring in finance and failing everything

Thankfully now im majoring in corp comms and marketing and doing ok

If i hadnt decided to join track, i wouldnt have met these crazy people who are so nice/selfless/fun its unbelievable.

Neither would i have gotten back into shape and lost my horrid 8kg (dont laugh this is not met as comic relief)

If i hadnt done my random internship and got tricked into being an insurance agent (…….) I wouldnt have been working in the CBD, i wouldnt have met ze for our “CBD lunch” and i wouldnt have tried Munch out, the salad bar at robinsons road that inspired me to start Salhappy.

Life gets boring or aimless or depressing because new things arent tried out, or new people arent met. I know this sounds very pseudo inspirational but i just thought id share that here cos thats how i became my happiest, and its a good thing to keep in mind if youre trying to find yourself too.

Anyway, i dont know why im in such a pensive state tonight. must be all the sushi from ash’s birthday dinner. (Happy birthday ash:)) benjy if youre reading this, happy birthday to you too :)

Think ill stop here and go shower. tomorrow jared and i will be attempting to come up with new soup recipes. he will be attempting mushroom, while i attempt pumpkin. hehe hope it turns out yummy. will update about my 2 trips soon too!

Til thennnn, goodnight and shweet dreams <3



4 responses to “New blog

  1. Babe!!! I miss Salhappy. I will miss it real bad in UK.:(

    I am glad to know you too!! :) And Ze and JY. You all are so nice + funny + cute. We must do a module together again in my last sem!!! :) Loves.

  2. babe i am really very very proud of you that you started sal happy, became so happy and know what you really want in life now :D

    Remember the days 2 years back when we were wandering aimlessly, not knowing what we are getting out of what we are doing? You have certainly blossomed from those days, from a clueless freshie to a biz owner, from a not so ideal gpa to a deans lister.. and I am really really happy for you :)

    At least one of us did it.. I hope to find mine too soon.. But you just need to know that whether you are an entrepreneur, or an insurance agent, fashion designer or finance person.. I STILL LOVE YOU!!!!!

    TO give you some faith as well (the way you gave me): Believe in what you do Joce. Improve from criticisms. Be humble when praise comes. And most importantly (this is from you), just be nice :D

    Ze the not-so-blur-already

  3. Ze, you’re turning 21 soon too but you sound really really wise like a 81 suddenly. Haha. :)

    Yay I’m so glad for both of you!! :) Don’t think too much and have fun, take things as it comes and it’ll all be fine. :)

  4. Thanks guys:) and del i agree with you ze is not zetheblur here.. but zethewise! love you both la. del lets meet for lunch soon ok. ze and i are meeting for lunch on wednesday will you be free?

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