Yulia Brodskaya for Yatzer

I found this Starbucks ad on one of my favourite websites that I go to for inspiration. I saved in in my “Inspirations” folder a while back and just rediscovered it when I was trying to find a nice picture for my wallpaper.

This is by Yulia Brodskaya, for Yatzer.com.


Nice way to get the message across eh?

I’ve been attempting to read my nego text book to prepare for my exam in 2 weeks (!!!) but to no avail. Decided to update instead. I actually received a really cool email (again) this morning and wanted to share, but theres something wrong with the images! Can’t seem to save them. hm.

Oh ya sales have slowly been picking up:D Thankyou thankyou alllll. Please recommend me to your friends if you like Sal Happy salads!!! :)

Tomorrow is the first day I will be making salads and have a morning class. Wish me luck!

Off to bed,
Joce the Salad Tosser


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