Week 11 Blues

Oh no, week 11 is starting to stress me out.

And, in my attempt to show Tim my old secondary school website, I REALIZED THAT YAHOO GEOCITIES HAS SHUT DOWN! That’s a very sad discovery for me because I was 15 when I built that site and it has a lot of painstakingly scanned in neoprints of good times.

Neoprints were very cool then. I just lost a part of my cool past.


Anyway, I was eating a take away dinner last night and realized that a small plastic spoon isnt very efficient for eating. Does it bother you guys? If it does, I’ll change my small spoons and forks to big ones! I like the way the small ones look though, they’re kinda cute.

Ok ok, back to work. Assignments projects reports and textbooks(!!!), here i (sigh) come.

30 minutes to finish my report!,

Joce the Salad Tosser


The little things and sweetest friends that make lousy days, good days :)

Sunny daisy from jieying! Thank you darl LOVE YOU!<333


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