Stickers & Tri Factor 2009

I printed 1,155 stickers today :D This time they’re slight larger. Collecting them tomorrow morning. I actually put the stuff I learnt in Negotiation Skills for Business into good use and managed to get a much better quote this time. Except I think I suffered from the “Winner’s Curse” afterwards hahaha, talk about putting theory into practice.

I’m so annoyed with the wholesaler that sold me my containers!>:( This morning as I was frantically preparing my salads, attempting to finish early so I could finish studying for my marketing test, I realized to my horror that the stupid container lids didnt fit!!! In my frenzy I almost contemplated scotch taping them down. In the end I managed to replace most of them, but for the few that didn’t get replaced, I’m so sorry! I’m going to change them tomorrow.

Tri factor was yesterday, and as promised, I come bearing pictures:) These are taken from Jessyn and Eric’s facebooks though oops, as with my googles, I forgot to bring my camera. Hehe, I almost did my swim in the extremely salty sea without googles. Thankfully Eric saved me with his spares. I also forgot my water bottle… which made a very thirsty joce by the time the run came.

Sigh, I really need to minimize these “oh shit” moments.

Anyhowzzzz. The Tri comprised of the swim… PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

Then the cycle… Photobucket

And finally, the run! Photobucket Photobucket

Before I continue, well done to everyone who participated!!! SMU was in first position til HP took over after a bit. Ash came in top 20 as always, Eug and Ben still fast as ever, and angie was mad with a timing of 2hrs and 36 minutes for 1500m of swim, 40km of cycle, and 10km of run. Madness. I remember the jc days when she used to lap me 3 times in our 2.4k napfas hahaha.

Yay SMU :) Photobucket

This is Angie. Machine in a woman’s body. Photobucket

& the SMU Aquathalon booth!PhotobucketSMU Aquathalon was set up by Ashley Liew and now has over… 50 members? Dont know exactly, but I know that Ash sure built up the club well! Very impressive. For those interested, you can contact him to find out more :)

Ash (Boyfriend of proud girlfriend, Ze.) Photobucket


This is Eugene, new pres for Aquathalon! on his last leg of the tri- 10k run!

& This is the blood taking for a research project on triathletes. This is Ben. First place winner for many many minis. Needles? no worries Photobucket

Happy people! Haha everyones somehow happy at tris, its a nice environment. PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And as always, the ever supportive girlfriends. Yims for Eugene and Claire for Xander:) Photobucket

Finished my mini distance and went supermarketing with body markings all over my arms. It was quite embarrassing but I figured it was the most efficient way to do it, rather than go home first, go supermarketing, go home to drop off the stuff, then back to school to do work. The uncle was like “girl ah, wahhh, pao bu?”


That’s me! Right before my start. I was alot more nervous than what it looks like!

Yup so that was Tri Factor for you:D Im really glad I actually tried tris out, I used to think I’d die and drown but I didnt. Really growing to love it. You guys should grab a few friends and try out a mini for a start at your own comfortable pace, might get addicted:)

K then, off to bed for me. Can’t wait for my stickers tomorrow!

Joce the Salad Tosser


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