I wish i wasnt so in love with food.

As im typing this now im staring at my empty bowl of spaghetti and i feel like going outside to get more. but i cant cos my parents havent eaten. i suppose these kind of problems are the good sort.

Yesterday i met jared after his work and headed to town. but before that, i had to change. amagawd, i cannot fit into my skirt anymore. i put on 2kg during the exams and grew a size :((((((((( my mom saw me and went “why is your skirt so short!?!”

…it wasnt that it was shorter, it was just that i had to wear it higher. :( in the end i had to go change into something else.

This is what exams do to you.

Anyway, the spaghetti is calling out to me. im going to see how to work around my problem.


Joce the Salad Tosser


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