Sal Happy in week 13?

Hi guys

Sorry for the lack of updates! Things have just been crrraaaaaaazy. As im typing this im sitting at pick and bite waiting for you guys, complete with puffy eyebags cos I fell asleep after putting the salads in the fridge and woke up in a shock at 1045!!

Nevermind, after thursday i will be done with all my presentations. Then one more report, and 2 more exams. Breathe in, breathe out. It will be over SOON hope you guys are all coping well!!!

Last night was fun:) had a volleyball session with the usual bunch. We were actually planning on running to Al Amein from CCAb and then having supper there, but that didnt work out. So we joined a group of pro volleyballers already playing at the court.

Ive discovered a trick. In order to look like youre good at volleyball, simply stand around and act involved. You just wait. Only when there is no other choice but for you to take the ball, you defend yourself and smack it out of the way. Usually up is good. After thats done, some other volleyball pro will smash it over the net. Then everyone will cheer for the pro, and you!!! I got alot of “wahhh joce”s and “nice one joce!”‘s by association. Hahahah once again MKTG102 comes to life.

Oh oh yes, I’ve been meaning to mention this here. Is there anyone who reads this blog and plays golf?:) Cos yims, yan fen jo and i did an event 2 weekends ago for, my sisters boyfriends new start up company for golfers! It’s a really cool site where you can bid for tee times and play golf at clubs even though youre not a member. If you’re a golfer, or your parents are, they should check it out! :)

Haha im like advertising. But I really do think its quite an innovative idea!

I’ve got my dad’s 60th birthday celebration to update about toooo. Cos it was his 60th, we tried to make it all grand and it turned out like a wedding dinner. It was a fun and happy event haha will update about that soon:)

Til then, everybody hang in there for 2 and a half more weeks!!! Christmas comes after!

Oh no, i think the manager pick and bite aunty just send her spy pick and bite aunty to find out what ive been doing around pick and bite these past months. The spy aunty just came to ask me what I was giving out and how much they were selling for:O haha!


Joce the Salad Tosser


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