Run About 2009


Runabout was on Friday, and I have pictures! Credit to Benedict Chen :)

Runabout was in conjunction with the International Day of Peace, so before the actual competition, we had a peace run along the route where the different nationalities held their flags up. Photobucket

Even pac man came Photobucket

Here’s jo, yims and ze, in action!

Ze (First), Joce (second but with no picture un/fortunately) Photobucket

Jo (third) Photobucket

Yims (fourth and savior) Photobucket

Yims ran with her usual “Run til die” spirit and came back in second place for our team :D After that she collapsed on the floor and had a very red face. Thanks hero :D

Our silver!!! That came along with a whooping $280 aasics voucher:)Photobucket

With our goodie bags (Ze, Joce, Jo, Yims) Photobucket

Love for the track girls <3PhotobucketPhotobucket

And the team! The ones who please the cheng tng aunty at newton every Tuesday/ThursdayPhotobucket

Was great fun. A lot less participants this year though. We look so happy in the last few photos and loving the bonding right. But in actuality we were all stressed before the race and wondering why we signed up. But its always like that, in negotiation/persuasion classes, this is called THE HINDSIGHT BIAS. Things seeming easier after the fact. Haha.

Anyhow, an update. I’m not going to Sweden!! Sal Happy prevails :)

Joce the Salad Tosser


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